About us

Pioneer geophysics joint-stock company is established by geophysicists, geologists and civil engineers who have many experienced years in foundation investigation, geotechnique and construction. They have taken part in engineering geologic investigation, nondestructive testing and construction at hundreds of projects such as hydropower, irrigation, thermal power, nuclear power plant, bridge, habour, road and civil construction situated in varying terrains having many different types of subsurface conditions.

We offer surveys and tests related to apply geophysical methods such as seismic refraction, seismic tomography, downhole seismic testing, crosshole seismic testing, active and passive surface wave techniques, seismic refraction in adit, electrical sounding and profiling, electrical imaging and IP, stray current survey, spontaneous potential survey, nondestructive test on rock and concrete mass, and Geologic investigation methods. Geophysical, geologic and nondestructive methods are carried out to determine the conditions of underground, inside concrete mass, detect of underground utilities, determine different type of rocks, investigate groundwater and waste disposal, … contributing to the stability of structure and community safety.

Based on the background and experience in the use of geophysical methods and non-destructive testing, we can perform quality inspection before the work put into use, after the incident or the period without affecting the quality of the work. In addition to these strengths, we have technical staff capable of supervision of investigation and supervision of construction meeting current regulations.

Along with the continuous development of science and technology, Pioneer Geophysics with its partners have been equipped with geophysical and experimental equipments, advanced data processing softwares with the desire to bring our customers the best service.