Geologic investigation

Geologic investigation works and making geologic document consist of:

  • Delineate engineering geology, describle the foundation pit and survey other known or projected activities.Delineate and prospect of construction material such as soil, rock, sand,.. Make maps of engineering geology, foundation pit, structure state,… with scales from small to detail..


    Geology delineation at site

  • Investigate and evaluate of seismic hazard: earthquake, existence of faults and and neotectonic activities for new structures and repairing old structures.
  • Investigate engineering geology performed by machine drilling, hand auger, pit, trench, or other methods.


    Drilling operation at a hydropower project

  • Perform in-situ test such as permeability tests, groundwater monitor,…
  • Perform the standard penetration test, vane shear test, cone penetrometer test,…
  • Perform test in adits and wells such as horizontal compression, shear,…
  • Perform the compaction test at field, test of filling-soil quality, test of reinforced concrete quality, test of material such as soil, rock, sand, gravel,…
  • Perform tests in the laboratary for foundation samples and material construction samples,… to determine physio-mechanical, chemical properties in accordance with Vietnamese and foreign standards.
  • Make overview report, specialized report of engineering geologic condition, hydro-geologic condition, state and recommendations for the design, construction and operation of the proposed structure.
  • Supply parameters of foundation and material as required of new structure design, repair old structure.
  • Make the engineering geologic map, hydrogeologic map, map of foundation pit, map of structure of bedrock and other maps as required.
  • Make geologic cross-section, engineering geologic cross-section, hydro-geologic cross-section and cross-section of calculating material volume.
  • Compile physio-mechanical and chemical parameters of soil, rock, sand, gravel,… and construction material to design new structure or repair old structure.
  • Compile raw data of engineering geologic, hydrogeologic investigation such as borehole columnar, pit, fracture diagram, geophysic data, coredrilling imager, and other geologic mapping.