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Pioneer geophysics jointstock company offers the suite of services in engineering geology, geotechnique and nondestructive testing related to investigations of the foundation of hydropower plant, thermalpower plant, nuclear power plant, bridge, habour, road and civil engineering, landslides and slope stability, land subsidence, landfills and waste disposal, quality test of concrete structure,… To perform above tasks, we usually use geophysical methods and nondestructive tests as follows:

Besides aforementioned geophysical methods and nondestructive tests, Pioneer Geophysics uses other geologic investigation such a drilling, digging, delineation and other tests in geologic investigation to make engineering geologic maps, seismic microzoning map, write survey report,… In addition to base on the inherent strength, Pioneer Geophysics also widens its services in supervision of investigation, supervision of construction and quality inspection of construction works.