Our Services

Engineers working for Pioneer Geophysics have been taken part in investigation, test, supervision and work at hundreds of projects in Vietnamese, Laos and Cambodian territory. These projects have been situated in varying terrains having many different types of subsurface conditions. Base on this strength, we can provide cost effective surveys for engineering geologic investigation, geotechnique, nondestructive, supervision of investigation, supervision of construction work and quality inspection of construction works.

Engineering geologic and geotechnical investigation

In survey and site development, we offer modern investigate methods to collect information about geological conditions quickly and effectively more than traditional methods. Those information are:

  • Overburden and weathered zone thickness, depth to and competency of the bedrock surface.
  • Determine tectonic faults, fracture and weak zones, fracture direction of bedrock, boundary of different rocks.
  • Identify carst, sink hole or zones.
  • Assess of liquefaction potential and landslide of overburden, soil and rock near surface.
  • Determine longitudinal wave velocity, shear-wave velocity, estimate physic- mechanical parameters such as elastic modulus, shear modulus, Poisson’ratio, fundamental frequency of soil and rock, site amplification factor.
  • Determing resistivity of soil and rock for designing of lightning protection.
  • Searching for resources such as sand, gravel and quarry sites.
  • Evaluating corrosion of stray and leaked current to metal.
  • Delineate seismic micro zoning.
  • Engineering geologic investigation by delineating, drilling, digging, in situ test and laboratory, writing report, making geologic maps, etc.

Nondestructive testing in concrete and rock mass
When the construction works finish and operate, we can perform some kind of work as follows:

  • Assess and quality check of concrete mass in dams, bridges, and other concrete structure.
  • Monitor of concrete and rock mass with applying force and time.
  • Evaluate concrete strength by nondestructive tests.
  • Estimate corrosion activity of reinforcing steel in concrete mass, determine thickness of concrete-cover and location and diameter of steel bar in the concrete, etc.

Supervision of investigation and supervision of construction works

Supervision of investigation and supervision of construction works utilize to check the quality, quantity, contruction progress, safety and environmental pollution while constructing works in accordance with contract, approved design, technical procedure and, site conditions. They help to prevent mistakes lead to failure and malfunction, and are the base to accept the completed work.

Quality inspection of construction works

Quality inspection of construction works is check, quality test activities for structures, structure elements in accordance with design requirements, procedures and standards through testing, checking and evaluating by the status of the visual. We can perform it by nondestructive test when having the incident or defects in quality, dispute about the quality of construction, calibrated construction, renovation, upgrading or extending the life of construction works or revision the quality construction when in doubt about the quality, etc.